Monday, July 28, 2008

Switch (ARC)

Switch by Carol Snow
(released September 9th.)
I give it 5 plus stars! Great read =)

Claire Martin is your average 15 year old girl. She has her loving mom (Dr. Martin) and her best friend Beanie. She also has a big crush on her fellow swimming buddy, Nate. And of course the ghost of her deceased grandmother (Evelyn) who has been around since Claire was a baby, even long before that. She probably doesn't sound that average anymore, right? Here's the real kicker: Claire is what she and her grandmother call a "Switcher". Whenever a bad storm kicks up in Claire's little beach town she'll be pushed out of her own body in to another girl's body But only a girl who was born close to the same time Claire was and that lives only around a mile or so away. So most of the time Claire switches in to a visiting girl's body. Just someone who is vacationing with her family. Overnight Claire ends up back in her own body and wakes up back to her old self.

But at one point (during the day even) a little bit of static electricity sends Claire in to the body of a girl that her and her friend Beanie saw just the other day on the beach. She was obviously not a local from the looks of her and she was watching two little boys. She was a skinny little thing in a bikini that barely covered her at all. She also seemed like a complete B word to both Claire and Beanie just by looking at her. Of course she had all the attention from the guys though, especially Nate. So when Claire is zapped into this girl's body (her name is Larissa) she is of course shocked but at the same time a bit excited. She finally has a body that she loves and is actually able to show it off without looking ridiculous.

But when Claire wakes up the next morning she's still in Larissa's body. And now she's stuck watching these two little attention starved boys from basically dusk till dawn. But she has the attention of Nate and she's not about to lose it. What could a few days in Larissa's body hurt? Except for the fact that Larissa's soul is just floating around while Evelyn is hanging out in Claire's body for the time being. Will Claire ever switch back in to her own body? And the most important part: will she actually want to?

This book was amazing! I pretty much couldn't put it down. I got so engrossed in it every time I picked it up. I could totally understand why Claire was debating whether or not she wanted her old body back. I mean she finally had the attention of the guy she's liked for so long. Who would want to give that up? And I loved Evelyn's character. She was hilarious. Always walking around as her ghosty self (when she wasn't in Claire's body that is) smoking the same cigarette day after day. The ending was also really touching. It was just overall a fantastic book. I highly suggest picking up a copy when it's released. =)


Erica Rose said...

this has nothing to do with your book review but I just thought I'd let you know i posted a link to your blog on my page.

Liviania said...

Sounds like an interesting book.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I heard about this book on another blog...but it sounds like a great story. i want to read it!!! nice review. :)