Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dream Girl

Dream Girl by Lauren Mechling
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Claire Voyante (yes, that is her real name) has had strange visions ever since she was little. She's never been able to do anything with her visions but that all changes on her fifteenth birthday when her grandmother, Kiki, gives her a beautiful cameo made out of onyx and ivory on a gold chain. Pretty soon she starts having these strange black and white dreams.

While all this is happening Claire is in a new school and has made a fabulous new friend, Becca. Becca happens to be part of a very rich family and she has a very attractive brother named Andy. Although he happens to have a beautiful stuck up girlfriend. When Claire starts having her black and white dreams she's afraid that they might have something to do with a family that has always had it out for Becca's family and she's afraid that they might be in danger.

With her powerful cameo Claire might actually be able to solve this mystery! At least that's what she hopes.

This was a really cute book. It was even a great sort of mystery. I actually wasn't even sure how the book was going to end. But I did like the ending. Lauren gives her characters such strong and humorous voices. Claire and Kiki were my favorite characters. I love how they acted together. Basically this is just a really fun and light read. And isn't the cover adorable? I fell in love with it instantly. =)


Ashley said...

This does sound good. I might check it out next time I look around for books!

Anonymous said...

I've been dying to ready this book, i'm craving it even more now that you gave it 5 stars. Hey, take a peek at my site, there's a little surprise!

Mrs. V said...

I noticed on another blog you mentioned that you would like to eventually read Undone by Brooke Taylor. If you haven't read it yet, I have a giveaway on my blog right now of a signed copy from the author in case you are interested:

Laina said...

Hi. :) I want to read this book like crazy.

Do you want to do a link exchange?

Book Monster said...

I saw this book in the book store today and was unsure, I'll have to go pick it up and read it the next time I'm there. It sounds very interesting. Anyways thanks for the awesome review XD