Sunday, September 26, 2010


Review of: (re)cycler by Lauren McLaughlin
Release date: August 25th. 2009
Pages: 288
Publisher: Random House
Received for review: Won in a contest
Overall grade: B

After the terrible incident that was prom Jill has to decide what to do after graduation. Should she travel with Tommy or should she go to New York with Ramie? Obviously since Jack is basically afraid of Tommy she chooses New York. Jack is of course thrilled because he gets to spend time having sex with Ramie as much as possible at their apartment. Jill is of course bummed because she misses Tommy terribly.

While there Jill and Ramie get mixed up with some "girl traders" that Jack has met. Jack is repulsed by this and wants to get back at the guys so he comes up with a plan to ruin their little scheme. But now Jill has sort of fallen for one of them and wants to lose her virginity just to get it over with. Recently Jack's cycles have been getting out of whack and Ramie is basically attached to this new fashion girl, Marguerite, who apparently has all sorts of connections. How many more problems can Jill and Jack run in to?

I think this was a great follow up to Cycler. It started off right after prom when Jill has to make her decision, and I liked that not a lot of time had passed from the first book. I also thought it was great that Jack actually wanted to protect Jill even though she had basically hid him for the first few years he was alive. Overall this was a good second book about Jill and Jack and their problems of being girl/boy. I hope there is a third book sometime in the future.