Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mackenzie, Lost and Found

Mackenzie, Lost and Found by Deborah Kerbel
Released November 2008
Rating: 4 stars

15-year-old Mackenzie Hill is still recovering from the loss of her mother when her father announces that they're moving to Israel because he was offered a position at a university there. Being torn away from the only home she has ever known in Toronto, Canada is not Mackenzie's idea of a good time. Her father promises that if after three months she still doesn't like it there she can move back to Canada, and she plans to do just that.

But soon Mackenzie meets an American girl named Marla who has lived there for a few years. She helps to show Mackenzie around and in no time at all the two become best friends. Also, Mackenzie discovers an amazingly cute boy named Nasir that works at a little shop near her apartment. Soon (even though Nasir's parents would forbid it if they knew) Mackenzie and Nasir start dating little to the knowledge of Mackenzie's father and Nasir's parents. Soon the 3 month period is up and Mackenzie doesn't mention going back home. Things are going so well and Mackenzie is actually happy with her life. But one day something happens that will quickly change everything..

First off I have to say that this book was pretty intense. There was indeed a point where I cried. The whole book moved at a pretty fast speed and near the end it was pretty action packed which was a surprise but it was a good surprise. Not one part of this book was dull to me. After the first few chapters of just Mackenzie talking it switches and most every other chapter after that is a chapter based on Nasir. So the story is told from two different point of views which I always like. Deborah is a strong writer and I definitely look forward to reading something else by her. I'd recommend this book to anyone who's interested in what's going on in the Middle East and to people who don't mind a heartwrenching a story.


Sadako said...

This looks fun and there really aren't that many books that take place in Israel or in the Middle East at all for that matter. Looks interesting!

Emily said...

Great cover!