Friday, March 27, 2009

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart
Released: March 2008
Rating: 5 stars

Frankie Landau-Banks is a 16-year-old girl who attends a boarding school called Alabaster Preparatory Academy. To her family she's known as "Bunny Rabbit". Her mother thinks she can't do anything by herself. Everyone considers her to be a young girl who basically can't do much of anything by herself. Frankly Frankie is sick of this.

This year at APA Frankie is returning as a sophomore. She has her eye on a senior, Matthew Livingston. She also wants to find out more about the secret all male club at APA called The Loyal Order of the Basset Hounds. This little so called club has been around for many years. Frankie's father was a member and is very proud of that fact. Frankie would love to be a part of the loyal order but of course because she's a girl this isn't possible. She knows Matthew is involved and once they start dating she starts following him around to try to get details. Soon Frankie finds herself in love with Matthew. She wants to be accepted by him and the only way she thinks that can happen is to be a part of the loyal order.

After she finds out which guys are in it and how lame the whole thing is she decides to take things in to her own hands. Frankie takes on a whole new identity (well, not completely new) and comes up with some crazy awesome ideas for pranks. Pranks that are intended to make people think. But soon Frankie may find herself in over her head. Will she ever get the attention that she wants from matthew or will it all blow up in her face?

This book was pretty amazing. It's told in third person narrator which was a switch from the first person narrator that I'm used to, but it made the book that much better. I forgot how awesome third person can be. Frankie's character was great. I'm sure there are girls out there that could relate to her. Every girl wants to be loved and accepted by her boyfriend and Frankie just knew that the only way to really be in with Matthew was to be in the Loyal Order. So she just had to do something. And of course she was sick of the old Bunny Rabbit name that had been following her around since she was little. This would be the perfect book for most any teenage girl I think. E. Lockhart's writing is truly just amazing (for lack of a better word). This was the first thing I've ever read by her and I can definitely say that the rest of her books are going on my "to read" list asap. :)


Emily said...

Ahh! I'm reading this right now!

Readingjunky said...

I loved this one.

Hey, glad you're back. I've missed your reviews.

perla said...

This is one of those books I've been meaning to read and haven't done anything about. After reading this I'll be sure to actually open up my copy! Great job Breanna.

Ms. Yingling said...

My daughter and I loved this one. There are a lot of my students who don't quite understand why Frankie is upset, and that worries me!

Angie said...

That looks like an interesting book. Thanks for the review.