Monday, June 14, 2010


Review of: POSEUR by Rachel Maude
Release date: January 1st, 2008
Pages: 290
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Grade: B

Janie, Petra, Melissa, and Charlotte are all as different as can be.

Janie is a girl on scholarship at Winston Prep and never fit in the 9th grade. But now with her acne cleared up she feels as if she can be a different person, at least that is until she actually gets to school on the first day of 10th grade. She discovers that her twin, Jake has become one of the popular boys after hanging out with Charlotte all Summer long. Janie is also a fantastic drawer and would love to be able to make her own clothes.

Petra is the daughter of a very famous plastic surgeon. She is drop dead gorgeous no matter what she wears and everyone believes that her father has done work on her to make her flawless because, well, he's told people that. Because of Petra's parents constant fighting and the fact that everyone thinks she's little miss plastic rich girl she tries the best that she can to be the total opposite. She never brushes her long blonde hair, wears hideous clothing, and also smokes weed. She hates being a rich girl. Petra is obsessed about the earth and hates that everyone at Winston Prep is so material.

Melissa is the daughter of the rap king as people like to call him so she is mighty rich as well. She likes to go around dressing like a thug even though she is definitely far from it. Her mother has been in rehab since Melissa was little and her father is now marrying a girl that is significantly younger than him and that Melissa HATES with a passion. She wants to be a famous fashion designer when she's older. She is determined that it will happen.

Charlotte is little miss popular. Her parents is house is huge and of course they are very rich. She has guys drooling all over her but when she discovered that Jake (Janie's twin brother) has turned into a little hottie over the Summer she spends every moment she can with him on her father's movie set. She is determined to have Jake as her boyfriend but that would mean being nice to Janie and Charlotte isn't too excited about the thought of that. Charlotte is all about the boys but she also loves to sew.

Each of the girls proposes a class for their Special Studies having to do with what each of them is interested in. The teacher in charge of Special Studies sees the four different applications and ends up putting them together to form one Special Studies class. Each of the girls are extremely frustrated. How can they be seen together? But since they're stuck in this 10 week class they decide to make a fashion line. Ladies and gentleman...let the sparks fly.

I wasn't quite sure what to think when I first picked up this book. The cover made me think it wasn't something I'd really like to read. But Rachel is so good with drama that I got sucked into it. At the beginning parts were a bit confusing with getting to know each of the four girls, and throughout the book additional characters were thrown in. But all in all it was a pretty great read. If you like fashion, guys, and cat fights you are in for a real treat. I'm diving in to the second book in the series next: POSEUR - The Good, the Fab, and the Ugly.


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