Friday, June 11, 2010

Kisses and Lies

Review of: Kisses and Lies by Lauren Henderson
Release Date: January 13th, 2009.
Pages: 309
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Grade: A

After discovering that someone had put Dan McAndrew's Epipen in their purse at the party that Scarlett had kissed and accidentily killed Dan at she starts an investigation of Dan's murder. With the help of her new friend Taylor at Wakefield Hall they start looking at who was at the party that night and who had the purse that Dan's Epipen was in. When Taylor is on a mission she notices that there is more than one of the same purse that Dan's Epipen was in. At this point Scarlett is stuck. So as a last resort she writes a letter to Dan's mother saying how sorry she is about Dan and that she would like to come up there to talk about what happened with the family.

While all of Scarlett's investigating is going on her crush on Jase (the son of the head grounds keeper at Wakefield Hall) is developing. Jase even asks her out on a date which gives Scarlett mixed feelings and all but she isn't about to pass up the opportunity to go on a date with Jase!

While Scarlett is still reeling from her date her cell rings. She immediately picks it up and discovers that it's Dan's mother. She tells Scarlett that she would like it if Scarlett comes up during the Holiday that is nearing. So Scarlett does just that. But once there she is hit with some nasty surprises. Is Dan's killer living at Castle Airlie (the castle that has been in the McAndrew family for centuries), and is Scarlett in immediate danger?

I have got to say that Kisses and Lies was even better than Kiss Me, Kill Me. I am loving the Scarlett Wakefield Series. Lauren Henderson is so good with suspense. I didn't ever want to put this book down. It really seemed like there was a different surprise/shocker on every page. I loved that. And the ending was a big shocker to me. I didn't see it coming at all. I'd highly recommend reading this book, but only after you've read the first one in the series, Kiss Me, Kill me. It will make a lot more sense that way. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the third book!

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Readingjunky said...

How have I missed this one? Thanks for bringing the series to my attention.