Friday, June 20, 2008

Kiss Me Kill Me

Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson
I give it 5 out of 5 stars!
(I really don't love every book that I read, it just seems like I do)

Scarlett Wakefield is like most every other 16 year old teenage girl, with a few exceptions. She has two best friends (Alison and Luce) that aren't really popular just like she is. She is heavily involved in gymnastics and is feeling alright about her life for the most part. As alright as she can feel without having her parents that is. For the new year Scarlett has three resolutions, one being to finally get her first kiss. And hopefully from a guy that she has had a crush on for a while, Dan McAndrew.

Out of nowhere the popular girls in her school call her over to their little group one day and end up inviting her to a party that's coming up soon. Scarlett of course jumps at the chance knowing that Dan is going to be there. Well Scarlett finally gets her wish along with something terrible. Right in the middle of kissing Dan he drops dead, he pretty much suffocates in Scarlett's arms.

Scarlett is pretty much chased out of her school and sent to attend school at her Grandmother's school. While there and obsessing about Dan's death, thinking it's her fault like everyone else thinks she discovers something: A letter in her desk addressed to her containing only four words. But four words that have a strong impact on Scarlett. Then, with the help of a new friend (Taylor) Scarlett sets out to find out what really caused Dan McAndrew's death.

Wow, I have to say that I loved this book. I always love a good mystery. And this one was really a page turner. I finished it in about a day, granted it is Summer and I do have more time to read. But still, I don't usually read one book in a day. I love Scarlett's character, she was so great. I couldn't help but to feel bad for her after Dan's death. Thinking that you killed a guy just from your kiss? Thats some pretty heavy stuff for a 16 year old to be going through. Not to mention all the harassment she got from her former classmates after Dan's death. I loved this whole book, seriously. There wasn't one part that was dull to me. The whole thing was a page turner. I'd recommend this book to any teenage girl that loves a good mystery and hot guys, lol. Seriously though, this was hands down an amazing book. And I can't wait to read more by Lauren Henderson. =)


Shooting Stars Mag said...

I've been meaning to read this book for awhile now. Great Review Breanna!! I definitely need to find some way to read this ASAP.


Melissa Walker said...

Ooh, I love the sound of this one!