Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fake Boyfriend

Fake Boyfriend by Kate Brian
I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Lane, Vivi, and Curtis have had it with Isabelle's boyfriend, Shawn Littig (aka Sluttig). Over the past four years they have broken up numerous times. The beginning of each break up happening in a more nasty way. Like on her sixteenth birthday when he crashed her new car on the way to her party. This time Shawn has hooked up with some girl that Isabelle knows right across the street from her for her to see. Of course they break up again but this time Lane and Vivi have had it. They hate seeing Isabelle crushed once again by "Sluttig".

While hanging out in Vivi's room on Myspace she has a brilliant idea (or at least Vivi thinks so). They should make up a fake boy and put him on Myspace. Lane doesn't think it's such a great idea but lets Vivi do it anyway. They name him Brandon and put most all of the things that Isabelle likes in a guy on his page. Then they have Vivi's younger brother (who is a junior at their school) Marshall send her a message as Brandon because neither of them are guys and can't think of anything to say that a guy would actually say. Isabelle instantly takes to "Brandon".

As time goes on they realize that they need to find a guy to play Brandon in real life if they have any shot of keeping Isabelle away from Shawn seeing as she's desperate for a prom date and has always thought she'd go with Shawn anyway. And she doesn't think that Brandon would want to take the time to drive up to see her just to go to prom with her. So Vivi and Lane go on the search for a Brandon. They finally find him in the form of Jonathan, a somewhat preppy guy that Isabelle wouldn't really go for. In the next two weeks before prom they have turn him into a believable Brandon that Isabelle will just fall head over heels for. But in the process Vivi develops a crush that screw up their whole plan. Can they really pull this off without hurting Isabelle once again?

This book was great. I really wasn't expecting the book to end the way it did either. Which was nice. I was more happy with the ending that actually happened then the ending that was in my head. Isabelle was such a dramatic character at times but it was great. I could totally sense the crush coming on with Vivi and Jonathan too. I knew that would make an interesting ending to the book. This was a great light read, and I really liked it. I need to read something else by Kate Brian now.


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Ashley said...

i've been curious about this book. but now i know that it's good! good review :)

Carol said...

Yes this book was great! Isabelle was impulsive and all over the place. Good review!

Mandy said...

Wow, this actually does sound really good. Despite the strange cover that almost immediately put me off. I guess I just don't go for covers like this. =/

Great review! I have added it to my list. Kate Brian is a really good writer. I've only read one of her books: Privilege. Which is a spin-off of the Private series, which I also need to read!

P.S You should REALLY update your blog :P I want more reviews from you Missy!