Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster by Kylie Adams
I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful Disaster is the third and final book in the Fast Girls Hot Boys series. It picks up from where the second book in the series Bling Addiction has left off. It follows the lives of the "fabulous" 5 students at Miami Academy for Creative and Performing Arts in the last few months of their high school career. The fabulous 5 being Vanity St. John, Max Biaggi Jr., Pippa Keith, Dante Medina, and Christina Perez. But only four out of the five of them will make it to graduation day alive. The question is who?

Max has a hard time when his sister Sho ends up in a coma after taking some drugs that somebody made at one of Max's infamous parties. Pippa blackmails Max's father for almost raping her on his private jet and decides to take off to New York without finishing high school. Christina jumps off of a roof hoping to kill herself to escape the fact that her mother is sending her to some camp that is supposed to specialize in "degayification" only to get caught up in some Christmas lights and saved by a random guy who happened to be nearby. Dante ends up leading the police to a room where Vanity is tied up and about to be killed by some druggie who made a sex tape of her a while back. And after Dante saves Vanity they start a relationship together.

Right before their graduation day one of them is killed. And their lives are all changed forever.

I haven't read the first two books in this series but this one was great. I finished it in a day it was that good. It was also a short book as well, so that helped too. But it was amazing. It moved at such a fast pace and it was a real page turner. I loved the 5 main characters, especially Max. They were all great and each of the story lines involving them were strong. This book is definitely intended for older readers ages 16 and up. It's a great Summer read so if you're without something to read during Summer I would highly suggest this series. The first two books are probably just as great as this one is.