Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Field Guide For Heartbreakers

Review of: A Field Guide for Heartbreakers by Kristen Tracy
Release date: June 1st. 2010
Pages: 348
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Received for review by: Disney Hyperion
Grade: A

Best friends Dessy and Veronica get into a college writers workshop that Veronica's mother is teaching at during the Summer in Prague. They will be there for a month during the Summer and both girls have different plans for their time. Dessy wants to mend her recently broken heart after her first love, Hamilton, smashed it and Veronica wants to make her newly ex-boyfriend Boz jealous by encountering all the hot guys she possibly can in one month. Once they get to Prague Veronica even starts to put cut outs of all the hot guys she's met up on her wall in their dorm. She calls it the "wall of hot dudes".

But not long after they've been there everything seems to start going wrong. The guy that Dessy is interested in suddenly stops paying attention to her, and Veronica makes enemies with Corky who is one of their roommates and is apparently crazy. Soon Dessy and Veronica's friendship is strained and when Corky reveals something to Dessy about Veronica and Dessy's ex back home their friendship may be ruined forever.

For starters, this was a really great Summer read. Reading about two high school girls spending their Summer in Prague and chasing hot guys to me is the ultimate Summer read. I loved how Dessy and Veronica's friendship was so strong but they would constantly have these little small fights with one another. It was almost like they were sisters really. Also, this book wasn't all that predictable to me. It was nice to turn the page and not have what I expected to happen to be there. I always appreciate that in a good book. I also really liked the scenes when they are in the workshop and everyone is critiquing each others stories. Even the crazy girl, Corky, was interesting to me. I'd recommend this book to any girl who is looking for a relaxing Summer read. :)


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