Monday, August 30, 2010

Tell Me a Secret

Review of: Tell Me a Secret by Holly Cupala
Release date: June 22nd, 2010
Pages: 292
Publisher: Harper Teen
Received: Won in a contest
Overall grade: A

"It's tough living in the shadow of a dead girl..."

It has been 5 years since Miranda's (aka Rand) sister, Xanda, died. Xanda was always the bad seed in the family and their mother always considered Miranda to be the good daughter. Rand is just starting to get used to things the way they are. Her mom is always tied up with something at church and her father is constantly working which really isn't nothing new in the first place. She has a new best friend at school, Delaney, and a pretty great boyfriend, Kamran, who has taken an interest in Rand's art work. But when Rand comes back from being gone all Summer she's got a secret of her own, and many more secrets to find out along the way.

Get ready for a real heartwrencher with this one. The last 100 pages or so were real tearjerkers but I loved every minute of of it. For the most part I couldn't really tell what would come next. It was hard not to feel bad for Rand during the whole story from the way she was being treated by everyone, and how her life had been for the past few years after her sister's death. This story was a real page turner. I never wanted to put it down so I'm thankful I actually had a block of time to finish it in. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone who's had to deal with death or teen pregnancy. It sends out a good message. I can't wait until Holly's next book comes out!