Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Debs

The Debs by Susan McBride
Rating: 5 stars

The Debs is told through the eyes of four girls in Houston, Texas. These four girls being... Laura Delacroix Bell, Michelle "Mac" Mackenzie, Ginger Fore, and Jo-Lynn Bidwill. Laura, Mac, and Ginger have been best friends for ages. Jo-Lynn is basically their enemy. The one thing these four girls all have in common is the desire to be a Debutante Rosebud in the illustrious Glass Slipper Club.

Laura is a size 14 girl who's mother is friends with the head of the GSC committee. She is totally psyched to be a Rosebud and her mother and herself both think she's a shoe in. But Jo-Lynn has had it out for her ever since she dated Avery who is one of the most popular guys in school. After Laura gets back from fat camp Avery happens to show up at the airport. Will this end up causing Laura even more trouble with Jo-Lynn?

Mac would definitely rather be reading than become a deb. It's never really been a dream of hers. But it was her late mothers dream for Mac to become a deb so of course Mac wants to do it. Also, it doesn't help that her new step mom, Honey Potts, is obsessed with Mac becoming a deb. With her two best friends also in the running she doesn't think it would be such a bad idea to become a deb at least.

Ginger is really excited at the thought of becoming a Rosebud and she'd really love to be able to wear her grandmother's vintage ball gown on the big presentation day. But when a really cute college guy, Javier, gets her into a bit of trouble involving a protest over a tree that is supposed to be torn down to make more room for more parking for her school she could end up in a lot of trouble. Hopefully it won't cost her chance to become a Rosebud though.

Jo-Lynn is a former beauty queen who makes it her mission in life to take out the so called "debu-trash". Her main target being Laura Bell. What she has in store for Laura is not in the least ladylike. But she has no idea that payback could be finding a way straight to her door. What's a stuck up and spoiled beauty queen to do?

This was such a great book. I loved how each chapter was told through each different girls' experience. And I liked how great of friends Laura, Mac, and Ginger are. They would do anything for each other (including finding a way to take down Jo-Lynn) and I think that was the greatest thing about this book. Susan has a great writing style and I loved each and every one of her characters. I even liked Jo-Lynn despite her witchiness. All in all this was just a fabulous book about the lives of four different girls who all want the same thing. Definitely check it out. I'm sure you'll love it.


Kelsey said...

I just got this book from book divas and am so psyched that you liked it, I hope to get to it sometime this week.