Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seeing Redd (Finally)

Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Seeing Redd (the second book in the Looking Glass Series) continues off from where the last book ended. 20-year-old Alyss is now queen of Wonderland. Her aunt Redd has disappeared in to the Heart Crystal along with her sidekick The Cat and everything is starting to calm down.

But soon glass eyes start appearing out of nowhere and causing mayhem. Everyone believes that Redd has somehow come back and that they're all doomed. Little do they know that these aren't Redd's glass eyes. Someone else is having them made. And that someone else is the King of Boarderland, Arch. King Arch has some plans to take down Wonderland and all of the surrounding cities. And he is determined to do so. He has Molly (the Queen's bodyguard) captured and intends to have her father (Hatter Madigan) come rescue her.

Meanwhile, Redd and The Cat find their way to Earth and Redd gets a whole new group of followers. She is determined to get back to Wonderland and finally kill Alyss so she will finally be Queen.

Alyss and Dodge finally come to terms with the fact that they are meant to be together. But Dodge is still set on killing the beast that killed his parents. Nothing will get in his way besides Alyss that is.

Wonderland is in a world of trouble with King Arch and Redd doing all they can do to finally get Alyss out of the picture once and for all.

Full of violence and mayhem Seeing Redd is a pretty intense read. It's a pretty good second book to the Looking Glass Wars series. Parts were a bit slow but overall it was a good read. I definitely liked The Looking Glass Wars much better. For some reason it didn't seem as wordy as Seeing Redd or something. But this was still a great book. I especially liked the way it ended. This is definitely a book you should read if you liked The Looking Glass Wars. It's a pretty good second book to the series. =)