Saturday, August 1, 2009

Double Life

Review of: Double Life by Dawson Vosburg
Release Date: December 2008
Pages: 173
Publisher: D Productions Publishing
Grade: B

What would happen if you could actually live in your own imagination? Well Josiah finds this out one day when he finds a random pair of sunglasses at a store that just happen to be free. When he gets home he puts them on and as soon as he does he's swept up in to an imaginary world that he believes he has created. Once there he meets two of his imaginary friends that he's had for many many years. At first this doesn't seem real to Josiah but soon he realizes that this is as real as it gets.

When he takes the sunglasses off he's back home and time hasn't even moved the whole time he was gone. A week or so later he decides to go back and this time when he does he sees a girl there that looks familiar. She looks familiar because in the real world she goes to school with him! Soon Josiah and this girl become great friends in this different world and manage to stay friends in the real world as well. Things start to get a bit scary when a sort of war starts between the two different groups in Josiah's imaginary world. The one thing he doesn't quite know for sure is...if you die in your imaginary world do you die in the real world as well?

This book was pretty good. It wasn't something that I was really excited about reading because it wasn't my type of read. But it ended up being pretty good despite all of the action. This book was written by a 15-year-old boy! Which means he wrote this when was probably at least 13 or younger. It's crazy to think about. I think he's a great writer and definitely has a future ahead of him in writing. He could definitely write a sequel to this book. I think readers would like to see Josiah go back to his imaginary world and keep fighting along his imaginary friends and the other friends that he has made there. Overall if you're a big fan of action then this is the book for you. This book is filled with action and some intrigue as well.


Rachel said...

This sounds interesting. Being able to live in your imagination. It sounds like at the end the moral would be that the real world is better. Him getting together with the girl of his dreams sounds a little cliche' but it sounds interesting.

YALR Blogs said...

Very interesting. I might have to check this one out. Thanks for the review!

Dawson Vosburg said...

Hey, there! It's Dawson--the author of this book.

I just found this review, and I'd like to thank you very much and I would appreciate it if you could put it on Amazon. Every review counts!

I've since written and published the sequel to Double Life entitled Terminal Velocity--would you like a copy?

Oh, and in response to what Rachel said (almost 6 months ago), you'll have to see the moral of the story when the third book comes out. You might have been a bit confused. . .Josiah does not meet the girl of his dreams. Denise, the one I presume you were mentioning, was his rival at school and they're able to become good friends because of the shared connection to the imaginary world. Hope that helps!

I'd be happy to send a copy of Double Lif to both of you, Rachel and YALR.