Thursday, June 18, 2009

Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls: Best Friends and Drama Queens

Review: Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls: Best Friends and Drama Queens
Author: Meg Cabot
Released: March 2009
Pages: 224
Publisher: Scholastic
Ages: 8-12
Grade: A

Allie thought her life was going pretty good during holiday vacation. Her family got a new game system and she was anxious to share it with her friends when they came home from vacation. Right before school starts up one of her friends tells her that their teacher said they are going to have a new student when they come back. At first Allie isn't too excited about this. But once she finds out that the new student is a girl and from Canada the excitement sets in.

Though on her first day back Allie is asked to sit in the back of the classroom with all the annoying gross boys so the new girl, Cheyenne, can sit up front with the girls and feel welcome in her new class. Not long after Cheyenne starts going to Allie's school Allie and her friends realize that she isn't that great. Mostly she's just bossy and rude. She thinks that all the girls in the fourth grade should be "going" with boys because that is the mature thing to do. Pretty soon she ends up getting most all of the girls to even go with all the boys, but not Allie. Allie is determined to stand her ground and to not be bullied by this bully.

This was a really cute third book in the Allie Finkle series. Meg Cabot has the perfect voice of a girl in the fourth grade. I can just picture little Allie and her friends. I thought some parts of this book were a little out there. Like the new girl Cheyenne forcing all the girls to "go" with the boys. It just seemed a little off the wall. But even so it was a cute read. I'm sure young girls (and even boys) around the world will enjoy this book, and the rest of the Allie Finkle series. I love all the little rules she makes up. My favorite in this book was: "Boys can seriously be so stupid sometimes. Also deeply thoughtless." So true!

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Kate said...

Lovely review. This sounds like a fun series :)