Monday, June 29, 2009

Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty

Review: Confessions of A Triple Shot Betty by Jody Gehrman
Released: April 17th, 2008
Pages: 255
Publisher: Dial Books
Grade: A

Amber loves John.
John wants Hero.
Hero loves Claudio.
Geena and Ben are archenemies.
But not for long.

Geena is so excited for this Summer. Her cousin Hero is coming home from boarding school for the Summer and Geena got her a job working at the coffee stand that she works at. She is so excited for Hero to meet her close friend, Amber. Geena believes that all of three of them will become best friends and have the best Summer ever. But her attitude quickly changes when Amber thinks that Hero is a stuck up prissy girl, and has no intentions of becoming friends with her.

Geena is your typical skater girl who hates dresses and everyone believes she strongly dislikes boys, especially Ben Bettaglia. Geena and Ben are always at each other's throats. Both are determined to be valedictorian of their class. Every chance they get they're always picking on each other and pissing each other off. But Geena's friends keep trying to tell her that Ben likes her though she doesn't want to believe it.

Summer basically goes down the drain when Geena, Hero, and Amber go to a party and Hero ends up getting wasted. After she pisses off John (the local ass), he plans payback in the worst way. Geena hates seeing her cousin being taken down and vows to take John down once and for all. He has hurt way too many girls' reputations, including Amber's, and he just has to be stopped! Will the Betty's be able to pull of a major scheme, and still end up having a fabulous Summer?

This book was absolutely delish. It's a delightful Summer read full of coffee, drama, and boys. The main characters were easy to identify with and the book just flowed along at a nice easy pace. I didn't find myself to be bored even once during this book. Jody has a gift for writing for young adults. Each girl (and even the guys) had their own individual voice. The book is told from the lovely Geena's point of view. It's basically her writing in her diary. I love books like that so as soon as I started reading this one I knew it would be a winner. I highly recommend this book if you're looking for a cute Summer read. I definitely enjoyed it and I'm sure you will too. :)