Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog-o-versary and Blog Award!

Today I have officially been blogging for a year! I feel kind of lame seeing as I only have like 40 something reviews up but oh well. At least I'm still here. I plan to have a lot of reviews up this Summer so be sure to check back! I may have a contest or two as well so keep your eyes peeled :)

Today I was also nominated for my first blog award, yay!!!! Jo from Ink and Paper nominated me for The Lemonade award. Thanks Jo!

Rules are...Link back to the person he/she received the award from.
Nominate 10 bloggers who are deserving of this award.
Put the Lemonade Award logo on your blog.

And here's who I'm nominating...that one girl emily
In Bed With Books
Wondrous Reads
The Book Obsession
Readingjunky's Reading Roost
Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf
And Another Book Read...
Reading Keeps You Sane
Mrs. Magoo Reads

Yay for the blog award. Thanks Jo! Keep an eye out for my review of Obsession that will hopefully be coming within the next couple of days. :D


Jo said...

You're more than welcome, Breanna! I think it's neat to give blog awards to newly discovered blogs, giving them a bit of exposure, and your blog is awesome! You deserve it! :)

Emily said...

Awe thank you so much! Thats so sweet of you!

Kate said...

Congratulations on the award :)

Tempestt said...

Congrats on the blog award!

-Tempestt (book reviews and author interviews) (entertainment news and reviews)

Great giveaways at this link - - just check the sidebar.

Eli said...

Congrats on the award! :)