Saturday, July 4, 2009

Suite Scarlett

Review: Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson
Released: May 2008
Pages: 353
Publisher: Point
Grade: A

Scarlett lives in the Hopewell Hotel with her family that consists of two sisters and a brother and of course her parents. Lola and Spencer are a few years older than Scarlett and Marlene is a few years younger than Scarlett. Now people might be led to believe that living in a hotel would be glamorous. Well in this case it isn't really so. Scarlett's family runs the hotel so they all have a responsibility. When the children reach a certain age they become in charge of a suite. Of course on Scarlett's birthday she is given a suite and on the same day a lady checks in to that room. Enter Mrs. Amberson. She's a slightly odd lady who has many stories to tell about back in the day when she tried to be an actress on broadway.

While Scarlett is running around the city doing errands for Mrs. Amberson her brother, Spencer, is trying desperately to find an acting job and quick. He somehow finds one but it's not really a paying job (and that's what he needs). It's a role in the classic Hamlet. His new stage partner is named Eric. Eric has just moved to the big city and immediately takes a liking to Scarlett when they first meet.

When something happens to the rehearsal space that the Hamlet cast needs to rehearse in, and Scarlett suggests that they use the basement of the Hopewell for rehearsal things start to get a little crazy. Especially when Mrs. Amberson ends up covering for them at one point and then appoints herself to be some sort of assistant director. Meanwhile the Hopewell runs out of guests and everything just seems to be falling apart around Scarlett. Will things start to look up and will the play actually end up happening?

This was an incredibly cute read. I love Maureen's writing. I've only read a couple other books by her but I've loved each one. She just has such a creative writing style. Scarlett and Spencer were the perfect brother and sister team in this book. They were so in tune to each other. Even Lola was great and the little spoiled brat Marlene was enjoyable too. I felt so bad for Scarlett in the beginning of the book when she just wanted to find a regular paying job instead of spending the Summer couped up at the Hopewell. Once she met Eric and Mrs. Amberson though I knew she'd end up having an eventful Summer. This book was just all around great. It was a nice light and summery type of read that was full of humor. I have to say I'm really excited for the sequel now!


Rebecca said...

Nice review, this sounds like a really interesting book. I'll definitely be reading this at some point.

Angie said...

Thanks for the review - it sounds like an interesting book. I've read several reviews of this book so far and usually when that happens I decide it's time to put the book on my to-read list.

Rachel said...

I love your blog!!! this book sounds really good. If you want I have a book blog to check it out sometime

Have a good day =)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about not winning the last contest, Breanna. There's at least 4 to go. And there will almost always be some xtras too to make sure there's more than one winner for each. The way you comment, you can't lose!