Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Woah, buddy

I don't check my blog for a couple days and then when I do I see I'm up to 40 followers! Woo, go me! Someone must have posted about my contest or saw one of my comments on Lee Verday's blog. Crazy times. Anyway, I'm happy about this news.

Now for some more news for all of you. I am currently in Oregon. Gearheart, Oregon to be exact. I can see the beach through the balcony window in the hotel as I type this. It's so pretty. I love the ocean. My girls love it too! I'd post a picture but they're all on my cell and I have yet to send them to my email so I can put them on the computer. Plus I'm on my sister's laptop right now anyway so that wouldn't work too well. Oh and some other exciting news. My girls LOVE the pool! They took to it like little fish I swear! They absolutely love the water. I need to get them in a swimming class ASAP!

I've been getting some reading done while I'm here too. I finished The Boyfriend List and have moved on to The Boy Book, soon to be followed by my ARC of The Treasure Map of Boys if I end up getting that far. I love Ruby Oliver, she's the best! I can't believe I haven't started reading this series earlier. I also brought along Zombie Blondes. So if I finish with TTMOB and get really crazy on the 3 hour car ride on the way home I might start reading that too! When I get home I'll have a bunch of reviews to write. So look out for those in another week or two. Yay! I hope all of you are having a great week. And congratulations to Stephanie Kuehnert on her release of Ballads of Suburbia! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy :)


Kate said...

You've won The Hollow ARC! Yay! I'm happy you've won a contest :D
It was your turn! Enjoy it :P